Prototyping, Industrialization and Production

With our 20 years of experience and our network of partners, we accompany you throughout the development and manufacturing process of your product, from prototyping to mass production of your product.



After the feasibility study and the design, the prototyping phase is essential for the manufacturing of your product. The goal of this phase is to manufacture a first version of the product, in order to validate its functionalities and its technical feasibility in view of its industrialization.


  • Depending on the innovative aspect of your project, it is interesting to go through a PoC, (Proof of Concept) or model, whose objective is to demonstrate the feasibility of your project, to prepare technical solutions without worrying about the aesthetic aspect of the product.
  • Directly, or after the PoC, we realize the 1st functional prototype whose objective is to see the result of our designs and to identify the elements to be corrected or improved.
  • In one or more iterations you will finally obtain a finished prototype, tested and functionally validated, before moving on to the industrialization phase.

The industrialization phase


Once your prototype is validated, you have in your hands the technical and functional validation of your project. We can now launch the industrialization phase of your project which will allow you to go from the prototype to a marketable product ready to be manufactured in series.


  • Technical optimization of your functional prototype to become an industrializable product adapted to the production tools.

  • Design, if necessary, of specific production tools for the industrialization of the product.

  • Realization of the complete list of parts, raw materials and assemblies necessary for the manufacturing of your product.

  • Research, evaluation and qualification of suppliers.

  • Realization of the manufacturing and assembly range of your product.

  • Development of test benches for your electronic boards and your finished product.

  • Accompaniment in the certification of your products.

  • Study and development of packaging.

The production

We contact our industrial partners in France and abroad to identify the most suitable player for your needs and your cost/quality/time requirements.

In relation with the industrial partner, we set up the assembly line, the ranges and train the operators to the assembly and testing of your finished product.

The entire supply chain is managed by our teams.

Maintenance – After Sales Service

For a sustainable project, the implementation of an after-sales service is an important factor to retain your customers. 4MTec helps you to set up the maintenance process adapted to your product.

– Training –
– Management of user requests: recovery of requests, follow-up –
– Price list, repair estimate –
– Repair –
– Logistics –